“Partnering with Daiek has been a great experience. They completed a project that was too large for our shop, shipped direct on time to our client. And within budget.”

Jon W. Spears
Temperence OH

Daiek Woodworks is your partner for quality architectural millwork, custom doors and more, made in the USA to AWI standards of craftsmanship.

Since 1978, Daiek Woodworks is the quality supplier of choice for direct clients and woodworking partners. Any type of woodworking can be shipped direct throughout the United States. if you work in Maine and the job is in Hawaii, it’s no problem.

What do we mean by partnering? For direct clients, we partner with you to create woodworks of the highest quality- delivering to any location throughout the United States. For woodworking partners, we fabricate work to your specifications for your clients, and ship around the country.

Long time members of AWI, we partner with other members and adhere to AWI architectural woodwork standards. Daiek Woodworks pursues the manufacture of difficult, non standard or monumental woodwork in the daily course of business; our goal is to partner with (AWI) Millwork manufacturers for millwork fabrication that does not fit their standard production.

Our involvement is direct with you. You manage your client, provide us with specifications and we deliver. That’s the process.

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Daiek Woodworks is also a celebrated maker of Craftsman style architectural millwork, Craftsman style doors, Craftsman style furniture and Craftsman style cabinetry. Visit our special site: inthecraftsmanstyle.com for examples.

Historical Door Restoration

Historical reproductions to your exact specifications? Partner with Daiek for excellence.

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